This is part 3 of our short continuing series on how to choose the right daycare center for you and your child.
Healthy Food

This is one that parents sometimes overlook. It seems obvious but unless you ask about the meal plans for the week or month you’ll never know if they are planning on feeding them cheap frozen meals. Look for healthy food and a healthy respect for your child’s food allergies or sensitivities. Look for food from all the food groups, fresh fruits, no drinks with lots of sugar in them etc.

Clean Safe Facilities

The building itself is a something to consider when choosing a daycare. Of course it has to be clean, but it should also be spacious enough to accommodate the amount of children. This includes outside as well as inside. There should be more square footage per student outside than inside and it should have shade especially hear in GA!) and sunny areas. The playground equipment should be rust free with no jagged edges and appear modern and well cared for. Of course, in some denser urban areas there may not be as much space available outside so look for larger play spaces inside.

Childproofing techniques and equipment should be used inside and out. And of course, the center should be well secured so that no one can just wander in and so children can’t just wander off.

A Current License

Daycare Centers in Georgia are required to meet strict standards on health, safety and quality. Do NOT take your child to an unlicensed daycare facility. The standards for a daycare center versus “home care” in Georgia are also much higher.

Here’s Little Einstein’s Learning Academy License info from the state of GA: