Part 2 in our short series on how to choose the right daycare for you and your children.


You are looking for structured schedules with lots of physical activates. Some quieter activities and rest need to be included too. TV and/or videos should little to no part in their day. But varied toys designed to stimulate young minds should be.
Your child needs a wide range age of appropriate activates and toys to exercise their brain ands their bodies.

Qualified Staff

Not just qualified on paper, but they should actually be good with children. Caring for children takes more than a degree. It takes patience and love. Not everyone with the right certifications and/or licenses has this. Training, education and preparedness are important for daycare employees, but so is responsibility and caring.

In addition to qualified staff, look for the right amount of staff. The ratio of child to caregiver is set by law in Georgia, and most states. There’s no wiggle room in these laws either so if you visit a daycare and you see that they don’t meet these requirements, just leave. If they’ll break this law they’ll break any law.

Here’s the Georgia’s laws on these ratios: