Hi, I’m Texx Smith.  And not only am I the web designer for Little Einsteins Learning Academy’s “Daycare in Dallas GA” web site.  I’m also a proud parent of a child enrolled here.   This is my testimonial for Little Einsteins Learning Academy:

My wife and I sought out a Daycare in the Dallas GA area shortly after moving to the area  before we landed our jobs.  Since we didn’t have jobs yet, the cost was one of the most important factors to us.  We love our youngest child though, Nicholas, and want what’s best for us, so quality was just as important to us.  What was important to us?

  • Staff
    • Were they skilled?
    • Were they qualified?
    • Were they kind?
    • Were they patient?
    • Were they good with children?
    • Was there enough staff on duty at all times?
  • Cleanliness
    • Was the kitchen clean?
    • Were the bathrooms clean?
    • Was everywhere clean?
  • Hours of Operation
    • Would they be open when our busy and unpredictable schedules needed them to be open?

We were satisfied with the answers to all these questions.  Nicolas, loves the daycare and even asks me if he can go “to school” on some Saturday mornings! Not bad for such a shy little boy (it runs in the family).