Choosing the right daycare can be an exhausting and worry filled process. In the end it’s pretty simple, just ask lots of questions, be observant and look for the things we’ve listed here in this article.

Good Reputation

Not just for the center itself, but for the people that run it and work there. Ask your friends and neighbors and the people at your church. Remember, nowadays social media is an extension of your personal network so look there too!

If other parents in the community have great things to say about it, take those statements seriously.

Flexible but not broken

Yes, your daycare needs to be flexible enough to serve your needs. Drop off and pick up times, surprise visits etc. But they also need some established and well enforced rules. For instance: not allowing anyone in the building without ID is probably a good rule they should have.
A daycare should be able to supply you with clear written policies. These policies should be comprehensive covering things like sick children, to hours of operation. They should also make sense in a way that’s comfortable for you.

If a center show you exactly what their policies are for everything, it’s likely their employees don’t know either. And if they don’t know whether or not to let that stranger in the door or whether that toddler with a rash is allowed to stay then they probably aren’t the right daycare for you.


Look for more in our next article on How to choose the right Daycare for you.