Toddlers are bundles of energy, always in need of physical, cognitive, and emotional stimulation. In our toddler program, we provide the right balance of learning and TLC.  This keeps to keep the children we care for engaged and excited to learn.  It helps them feel  secure, safe, and know they are loved. Our staff are trained to make each child feel weinterested-toddler_29879653lcome in our center; even the shyest of children will feel welcome and embraced by the end of their first day.

At this age, toddlers begin to exhibit independence and become more determined to help themselves.    We encourage your toddlers to develop these traits so that they grow up confident and self-assured. A daily potty chart is hung on the wall at child-level, rewarding each successful trip to the potty with stickers and smileys, so that children can see their accomplishments for themselves. Each day the children complete a piece of freehand artwork to hang up and proudly display for their parents and teachers to admire.

Toddlers learn best with hands-on activities. Free play is the best way for children this age to grow and learn. We also implement activities such as water play and freehand drawing and painting to encourage self expression and independence.