Pre-K Program

At Little Einsteins Learning Academy, we encourage child-led learning and exploration with the Creative Curriculum. Our quality teachers see each child as a unique individual and will work with your child throughout the year to grow and develop their natural curiosities and build an academic foundation. By creating a love of learning within each child, we prepare them for the transition to surprised_86935313_250x217Kindergarten and beyond.

In addition to a core focus on math, literacy, social studies, and science, the program also focuses on social skills, health and wellness, and the arts. We encourage parent participation and community engagement with special trips, visitors, and events throughout the year.

Georgia Pre-K is funded by the lottery and there is no tuition cost. There are no additional fees at Little Einsteins Learning Academy but enrollment in Georgia Pre-K is on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact us for more information or to tour our facility.